Provides a Highly Absorbable Form of Iron and Vitamin B Complex to Maintain Iron Levels.

Size: 30 tablets (30 days)

Storage: Store below 30° C

Ingredients in Hemagenics Intensive Care have been shown to or may:

  • Assist normal red blood cell production.1
  • Provides 20 mg of iron from bisglycinate.
  • Iron bisglycinate (Meta Fe®) is highly bioavailable and well tolerated.2

Bioavailable Multivitamin and Mineral to Support the Body’s Nutritional Needs.

Size: 120 tablets (60 days)

Storage: Store below 30°C

Ingredients in High Strength BioEssentials have been shown to or may:

  • Practitioner strength, daily multivitamin.
  • Contains activated B vitamins and high strength, bioavailable minerals.
  • Helps maintain the body’s nutritional needs when a specialist diet is being followed.

Multi Mineral Supplementation.

Size: 300 g oral powder (25 days)

Storage: Store below 30° C

Mineral Essentials Pineapple flavour 300 g oral powder is currently out of stock. For an alternative, Mineral Essentials 153 g oral powder (order code: MIN153) is available.

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Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.